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Gnosis is a common Greek noun for Knowledge (γνῶσις, gnôsis, f.). Our mission is to provide the knowledge to researchers and clinicians to understand the secrets of diseases from the analysis and use of biomedical “Big Data”. We provide solutions using deep learning to enable healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes, clinical researchers to understand the information from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data and academics to gain insights into the biological data.

Our team comprises of engineers, visual design specialists, data scientists, biologists and artificial intelligence experts with years of expertise in statistical genetics, bioinformatics and clinical informatics.

Customized Bioinformatics Services

The fusion of genetic, genomic and clinical data has been put in service to improve the patient outcomes. Clinicians and researchers need improved methods, tools, and training to generate, analyze, and query data effectively. We provide professional consultancy, guidance and advice for handling and understanding better biomedical data.

Our Clients

Our customers and partners include Leading Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostic Companies, and Renowned Research Institutions. Some of those are:

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